Montag, 19. Januar 2015


Hey I’m Nico and i’m from Hamburg in Germany.At first i will tell you something about my home and how did it start. A few words about my home Hamburg. Hamburg is a ver big city with two million people. Hamburg is in north part of Germany it is the second biggest in the country. We have a lot nice places and we have the second biggest harbor in Europe. The biggest love in Hamburg is soccer because we have two clubs in Hamburg and every person is fan of one. When you want to see the pretties city of the world then you have to go to Hamburg. My start to Canada began with a other great city Toronto. My first two days of my adventure started with sightseeing in Toronto. The three days in Toronto were awesome. After the three days began my real adventure in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia. But but the main think is that i  will talk about what i thought before i came and what i think now.

My view about Canada was actually pretty good. I heard a lot stuff about this country and i saw a lot but i will specialist this a little bit more. Lets start with the school. I thought about the Canadian school that they were not so far as the germans in the learn stuff and that they do more like fun activities. A main point in the school are the teachers and view about them was that they are all friendly and helpful.The last think about school is the school sport.We have no High School teams in Germany. My guess was that almost the whole school is watching the games of every sport and that it is all so big with cheerleaders and this stuff.I was very exited about that. 
The next point were the people in Canada. I heard a lot about people in Canada that they are crazy but good crazy. Everybody said that the people there are very helpful and that everybody respect everybody. It sound ridiculous for me that almost everybody loves everybody it is hard to belief for a guy from a two million city. And then i read in the internet that some people let the door every time unlocked that was the point where are said they are completely crazy. 
My biggest worry was about the sport because i life for soccer it is my love. And the boy that loves soccer goes now in the best hockey country. I can't even skate. My guess was that all guys can skate here and most of them play hockey and that they are all very good. My main worry was about soccer. The problem was that i thought about during Germany won the world championship. My view about soccer in Canada was not that good at this moment. 
A important point why i choose Canada was the nature. The view in my head was amazing.The big mountains with snow on it and in the front the ocean. I though i will see in Canada bears and moose and all the typical Canadian animals. I was scared about what i heard about how cold it is but i was exited about the snow.The last point is the food. I saw a lot about the US food but not about the Canadian. I connected this then and all what i saw what i saw was just fast food everywhere. I thought i will have not a really good chance to go away from this stuff. It is not a really big problem for me because i do a lot sport so i can eat it sometimes. When i knew that i come to Nova Scotia did i read a little bit about it what they eat there. I what i read about was that they eat a lot fish and lobster. That was no problem either because i like fish. 
Now i will tell you about how is it after almost a half year. The school is here most of the time pretty good . I got a very good . The teachers are good but i like not all teacher that is i think normal for a student. They help me a lot . Happen at the begin were i was pretty shy were they a good help.The best teacher is Rob Allen. Important was that i was at the begin at the High School soccer team because ei met great guys there and i found very good friends there it was lots fun. A negative point at the school is that you have every time the same subjects everyday. I like it better when you have day some different subjects  it makes not so boring. I’m most impress about the people here. At first my family and i think the best host family of the world. They make me feel home. I’m so thankful that i can life with this guys. A other big part of my life now are my fiends here. I found very good friends it is like that i know them the whole time of my life. In Germany i had not that much time for my friends because of school and sport but here is it different if you have no school stuff to do you will your friends and do something with them. Nick ,Keegan ,Seamus and Austin are crazy kind of group but i’m glad to be a part now of this group. The perfect thing is that all of them love soccer. My family and my friend are nice but even the guys with them you have no contact are very nice and friendly. The people here are amazing and the most of this people love hockey. Canada and Hockey is like Germany and soccer it is just love . The biggest decision is for a east Canadian Toronto or Montreal. My decision i non of this cubs i’m just for my school team . It is doesn't madder if Toronto or Montreal when Team Canada plays are all together. Not that bad then i though are they in soccer . I found that our soccer team was not that bad for a Canadian team. My guess is that soccer is getting bigger in the next years. 
If you are not feeling like to play hockey or soccer than you can still go in the gym. On first day at the gym  i thought that i’m at the wrong place because they were all guys with arms like canons.
Before i talk about talk about i talk about the next topic i want to say that i’m actually a city boy but maybe it changed a little bit. The next topic is nature. I came here at the night so it was dark . When i woke up i thought i dreaming. The water at front of my house and small mountains in the background. When you have to describe the Canadian nature then you have just to words awesome and incredible. I love to drive with the four wheelers and snowmobiles in the mountains it is so much fun and it looks all so good. The nature is like a big adventure for me. For example i stand with three friend in a cabin it was so exiting. But have still not seen the animals and i’m a little bit disappointed  about the snow we have just german wether here rain and windy. 
My best guess was at the food point. It is not like in the states how i thought it but it is kinda like this . You have no chance not one time per week to go not to a fast food restaurant. The reason for this is that you you have one street and there are 5 -6 restaurants. The famous of these are the Canadian fast food company Tim Hortons and DQ. Somebody told me when you wanna be a real Canadian than you have to go sometimes to Tim Hortons. 

My conclusion is that Nova Scotia is a beautiful part of Canada is. It is like my second home . Here are great people they are proud of there country and proud of team Canada. The Canadians love the nature and there snowmobiles. I will everybody tell what Canada for a awesome country is. I’m glad that i’m here and that i met so great guy here. I’m exited for the next 6 month. It is gonna be a big moment when my parents come to pick me up and i can show them how i lived here.
Nicolas Klein

Montag, 29. Dezember 2014

Hey gute vier Monate bin jetzt schon hier und es wunderbar.Vielleicht melde ich mich nicht so oft das liegt aber da ran, weil ich jeden Tag mit Freunden unterwegs bin oder mit der Familie was Unternehme. Ich habe mich sehr gut hier eingefügt in die Familie ich fühle mich in Canada pudelwohl. Meine Freunde und ich machen echt viel in der Natur z.B wir fahren mit den four wheelers in die Wälder und übernachten dort in kleinen Hütten. Ich kann mir jetzt eig schon nichtmehr vorstellen dieses schöne Land zu verlassen.
In der Zeit wo ich mich nicht gemeldet habe ist eig nicht sehr viel besonderes passiert ausser das letzte Woche Weihnachten, was sehr interessant war mal zu sehen wie ein anderes Land Weihnachten feiert.
In einer Woche ist mein Geburtstag und der erste Schultag. Ich werde mich dann nochmals melden. Guten Rutsch in Jahr 2015. Ich werde dieses Jahr sicher nicht vergessen. Ich hoffe das nächste auch nicht.Bis dahin euer Nico. 

Freitag, 10. Oktober 2014

Hey wird mal  Zeit das ich mich  wieder melde. Ich bin jetzt schon gut über einen Monat hier und in diesen Monat ist schon ganz schön viel passiert. 

Meine Zeit hier vergeht wie in fluge ,das kommt daher das fast jeder Tag vollgepackt mit Programmen ist.Die meiste Zeit unternehme was mit meinen Freunden und meiner Familie, die mir alle schon sehr ans Herz gewachsen sind. Ich hatte aber auch schon treffen mit den anderen Internationalen Schülern aus der Umgebung ,wir hatten zum Beispiel ein Ausflug in ein altes Dorf.  Wir treffen uns auch manchmal zu den Hockey spielen, die an meiner Schule stattfinden. Aber die meiste Zeit steh auf dem Fußballplatz, es macht einfach diesen spaß mit den Jungs alles zu gewinnen.
Wir haben uns gestern für Regionals qualifiziert und wollen am Donnerstag das Ticket nach Helifex, für die Provincials, lösen. Kommen wir nun zum langweiligen Teil. Der Unterricht ist teilweise echt langweilig, sodass dir eine Stunde wie 3 Stunden  vorkommen. Aber wovor ich hier diesen Respekt habe und wo vor ich mein Hut ziehe ist das jeder zu jeden, auch wenn man ihn nicht sonderlich mag, nett ist keiner wird ausgeschlossen oder gemoppt.
So das war mal wieder ein kleiner Einblick ich melde mich wieder wenn irgendwas besonderes passiert ist .

Montag, 1. September 2014

Das Abenteuer Kanada hat nun endgültig begonnen. Es fing alles mit zwei anstrengenden Flügen nach Toronto an, doch dies hat sich wirklich gelohnt dort die zwei Tage zu verbringen. Die Stadt ist wunderschön, aber nicht nur deswegen war das wert dort zwei Tage zu verbringen, sonder auch weil man viele neue Freunde oder auch mehr kennengelernt hat. Als die Tage in  Toronto leider vorbei waren ging es zum ernsten Teil der Reise. Am Flughafen von Halifax ging alles ganz schnell, schade eigentlichen, denn so konnten wir uns gar nicht richtig verabschieden.Nun bin ich den dritten Tag hier, ich habe mich schon ziemlich gut eingelebt, trotzdem vermisse ich ich so manche Leute sehr. Die Familie ist herzlich zu mir und ich denke es wird eine gute Zeit hier.Euer Nicolas 

Mittwoch, 27. August 2014

Hey, heute melde ich mich noch ein letztes Mal aus der schönsten Stadt der Welt Hamburg.
Ab morgen so gegen 6 Uhr wird sich mein Leben verändern, denn dann geht die Kanadareise für mich los. Donnerstag fliegen wir erstmal nach Toronto und bleiben auch bis Samstag dort mit vollem Sightseeing Programm. Ich melde mich so schnell wie es geht wieder, wenn ich in der Familie richtig angekommen bin. Bis dahin,
euer Nicolas 

Samstag, 19. Juli 2014

Hallo ich bin Nicolas. In diesem Blog möchte ich euch meine Eindrücke aus Nova Scotia mitteilen. Ich fliege am 28.8.2014 für ein Schuljahr nach Kanada. Meine Gastfamilie habe ich schon mitgeteilt bekommen und mit ihr Kontakt aufgenommen. Ich werde 10 Monate in Creignish bei Port Hawkesbury mit Blick auf den Strand leben. Meine Gasfamilie hat zwei Kinder, mein Gastbruder ist etwas jünger und meine Gastschwester zwei Jahre älter als ich. Außerdem gibt es noch einen Husky und eine Katze. Ich bin gespannt auf die Zeit, die mir bevor steht und werde euch immer mal wieder von dort berichten.